Threat to a tradition

April 30, 2008

The Supreme Court rejected a challenge (Crawford v. Marion County Election Board) to Indiana’s voter ID law. The usual suspects (ACLU-ACORN-Brennan Center) arrayed against the forces of reason and experience. They argued that having to establish your identity by means of a photo ID, provided free of charge, by the State was an onerous burden meant to disenfranchise the equally usual suspects (society’s most vulnerable and least equipped).

The State in uncharacteristic wisdom sought only to defend the integrity of the vote by tethering it to a reasonable responsibility. Establish your identity.

Those most discommoded by the newly upheld requirement were likely intent on committing voter fraud. Though a venerable practice in Democratic circles the Court is to be commended for threatening this tradition.


One Response to “Threat to a tradition”

  1. Jeff Kessler Says:

    Has anyone stopped and wondered why certain people are always unable to accomplish things that most other people take for granted?

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