Second thoughts

May 6, 2008

The Second Amendment is getting a second look from the candidates and the Court. Two prominent Democratic Senators are on record; the Second Amendment (in their collective opinion) is an individual right, subject of course to reasonable regulation.

Public health and safety, in the broadest of terms ( a variant of the greater good), trumps enumerated constitutional rights in the current and cluttered scheme of things.

Yet the nominee wannabes want the sportsmen and the target shooters to know that their “rights” to engage in frivolous recreational activities are respected.

Of course real life considerations need prevail. Those firearms whose sole purpose is to kill other human beings (clearly a public health issue) must be prohibited.

At this point “reasonable regulation” is in the eye of the bureaucrat.

I would hope that those who take their rights a little more seriously understand that those rights are being misrepresented and marginalized.

With all due respect to recreational shooting, the Second Amendment is an explicit expression of our freedom, not something we do in our free time.


One Response to “Second thoughts”

  1. […] good to use Google alerts as it sometimes leads me to blogs I might not otherwise read. This person here wrote the following in regard to the second amendment and those who curry favor with hunters but still be gun grabbers: […]

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